Sunday, August 4, 2019

2019 Nature/Science Projects

Here are some of this year's Nature themed artworks. It is my favorite theme to start with when we have completed bootcamps because it is "safe" enough for students to feel comfortable but broad enough for everyone to come up with a different solution. You can see a post from a previous year here: 
If students don't have an idea they complete a work based on the guidelines for the Jr Duck Stamp Program or State Fish Art Contest. Of course some students choose to do it just because they want the challenge or like the idea! Both of the students' whose work is shown above placed in this year's contest.
Here are a few more duck artworks as well as a fishing picture and a model of a creek.
These two sculptures were created by a very mechanically minded freshman. It is so interesting to me to watch how he builds.
This student wove together a drawing of a flower and a drawing of a flower cell.
Colored pencils are always a popular choice with my students.
Agate inspired watercolor painting. The student made two, one with warmer colors and one with cooler colors.
Half human, half animal.
Painted batik
Mixed media depiction of a galaxy. Watercolor, acrylic, and colored pencil.

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