Thursday, August 8, 2019

Fused Glass

We have supplies for glass fusing but haven't used them all that much in the past as it is just pretty expensive. At the end of the school year my seniors went to a workshop at League Art and then came back ready to apply what they'd learned and try some new things.

This student went for an animal eye fusing small pieces of glass onto a blank sheet.

This student fused glass together, used scraps she found, and create an abstract face that we mounted to a board.

After this student fused glass into a gold fish design, we tried slumping it. She made a shallow bowl and we brushed on mold release before putting her fused sheet on top. I have now officially gotten over my anxiety about programming the kiln!

I ordered a bit more glass for the new school year to make up for colors we didn't have so I look forward to offering the option to my advanced class.

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