Monday, November 17, 2014

Fire Safety

Every year my district sends out information about the state's fire safety poster contest and it seems like there had never been enough time. Previously the information would come out about two weeks before the entries were due. This year all the information got out sooner, so I was able to offer it as a choice to my 1st-6th grade students. 
The kids already had their fire safety down, so we just needed to talk about poster design. The students practiced on GOOSe paper so I could check their spelling before they set to work on card stock. The winning posters will be displayed at the Capitol and printed in a calendar. The students will be anxiously awaiting results!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rangoli Drawings

This year the focus for Cultural Heritage Week in my district has been India. Each art student in the district, K-12, has made artwork inspired by the culture of India. My K-3rd grade students each had a set assignment and the 4th-6th grade students had multiple starting points from which to branch out and choose a direction. 
3rd grade students learned about rangoli, which are created during Diwali celebrations. You can find the lesson plan on the smARTteacher, but I'll go ahead and post the basics below.
Start with square construction paper. I cut down 9x12 inch paper to 9 inch squares. I went ahead and chopped the scraps into 1 inch strips that will be used for paper weaving.
Trace a circle in the center of the paper. We used big cans from the lunch room. Place a dot in the center of the circle and 6 or 8 dots evenly spaced around the perimeter.
Next, students create radial designs. I describe it to them as making a pizza where each slice is the same. After the designs are planned in pencil, students add color with construction paper crayons or color sticks.  True rangoli are usually created by drawing with sprinkled powder or paste onto the ground. I wanted students to be able to get part of that experience so after they finished coloring, students had the option of tracing part of their designs with glue and sprinkling sand over the top.
 Only one or two students decided not to add sand. Sand is always a big hit!
We loved how this project turned out. India is such a colorful culture and the students have been so excited to learn about it.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mixed Media Animals

I've had a couple students bring in mixed media animals they made in their classroom to share with me. The animals were drawn and then mounted on painted canvas or a block of wood. I think they turned out awesome! You can tell the students worked really hard and I'm always excited to see other students using art in their rooms.

International Dot Day

K-3rd grade students all worked on "dots" at the beginning of the school year and this year I wanted to make sure we did something fun as close to International Dot Day as possible. During that class period, students could choose to work on individual projects, to work collaboratively on dot paintings, or to make their own dot with a dot template. 

I made up my own "anti-coloring" page with "International Dot Day 2014"  at the top and a big blank circle at the bottom. This was SO popular. Almost every student wanted to make a dot using this template. I also read The Dot at my local library and used the same template.
*If you've never heard of Anti Coloring Books, they're activity books with a bit of information, that ask the kids to think and be creative instead of just filling in someone else's drawing.