Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dollar Tree Dia de los Muertos

I like to run through the Dollar Tree once in a while because you just never know what you might find! On my last visit, I was struck by some large felt skull cutouts with the Halloween decorations and decided to turn one into a decoration for Day of the Dead. I picked up a small bottle of puff paint and set to work drawing my designs. I hot glued a loop or ribbon to the back and it was complete! I might pick up a couple more on my next trip. The skulls are also available in white.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Painting Bees- Process over Product

Last week my oldest son told his babysitter that he could tell she worked really hard on her painting of a flower, but it was missing something. He thought it needed a bee! I asked him later that night if he would like to paint a bee and he said yes. 
I asked him what color he wanted to make his bee. Yellow! I asked him what shape he wanted to make the bee. Round. I asked about stripes, he wanted black. I was shocked when he actually painted straight lines on the bee as making things recognizable to others is kind of new. The stripes didn't last long, though, since he soon started filling in the whole body black by making lines touch. Curious, I asked him why he used so much black. "To make it more darker, mommy!"

He added some tan colored wings and then later wanted to add more yellow stripes. This little painting experience reminded me of how important it is to watch the process as kids work and not just see the end product. I had a Kinder last week paint a bunch of really cool lines... and then cover them all up. If I hadn't seen him working, I wouldn't have had a clue about his ability to paint lines and control the brush.
Almost 4 year old's bee
Of course my youngest son wanted to paint as well. You can see above that he was using both a brush and fingers. My oldest pretty much always wanted to use a brush like he'd seen me use.
15 month old's bee painting.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dot Day 2014: Staff Participation

Last year as part of our Dot Day celebration, I asked other staff members at my primary school to make "Celebridots". I figured they are like the celebrities to the students so it made sense! The main reason I wanted to convince them to make art is that I think it's GREAT for students to see other adults besides the art teacher doing creative things. This year in my email request I included a little speech about not being allowed to say they're "not creative" because it gives students permission to make the same excuse. I love seeing the Celebridots, especially because it lets me learn something more about my coworkers than I can learn from the 5 second interaction when they pick up or drop off their classes. Check out some of the dots!
Theme: Junk Drawer. I love it!
 Can you guess which was made by our new music teacher? :)
This teacher knew we are learning about India so she made a mandala design in her dot. 
Appropriate for a school in Kansas...
And this textured monogram was the favorite of students! I let several classes vote on a favorite and that teacher will get a prize of some sort. I haven't decided what it will be yet. Congratulations, Mrs.Plemons!
A new addition to this year's Dot Day celebration was a spirit day. Yesterday students and staff were invited to wear dot clothing to celebrate. After school I convinced some of the staff members to show up for a picture. Check out all the awesome dots! I'm so proud of the participation we had this year and know we can keep growing Dot Day. I'll also be drawing a name of a staff member who participated in the spirit day for a prize and I'm going to "cook up" a little thank you for those that made a dot.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bingo Marker Art

I stopped at a Dollar Tree last week and on a whim, threw a bingo marker in my already too full basket, thinking it might work well for some Dot Day artwork with my kids. It was a big hit! My youngest (15 months old) had fun playing with it until almost 4 year old saw it and wanted a turn. 

"Look, mommy, it's prickly!" (It does make super cool splatters)
"I'm drawing flowers. Now I'll draw a stem."
"Should I make a road?"
I gave him another piece of paper since he had pretty much filled the first.
"I'll make a fence. I need boards to hold it up. Now I'll make boards that go up and down."
"Now I'll make more flowers."
"Should I make a truck? A big truck. I need lots of wheels for the heavy load."

This age is so fun! I love the narration as he works. The next time I can swing by a Dollar Tree, I'll be checking for bingo markers in other colors!