Thursday, December 28, 2017

Theme: Nature/Science

Last year I debated between choosing nature or science as a theme in my intro high school class. There was so much overlap that I put them together. I showed students how a bunch of different artists have approached the theme as a way to get them thinking about different possibilities. As I talked to students about their ideas, I showed some new techniques we hadn't covered yet that might be of interest. There was a ton of variety in the students' work and this was a good early theme- broad enough that it could go in many different directions but safe enough that it helped students get used to more freedom. It will be the first theme for this year's intro classes because it was so successful last year.

Wheel thrown and hand built teapot

 I did a needle felting demo and several students played with the technique
 The Northern Lights
Weaving that incorporated sticks
 Lidded vase

Illustrations of animals were a popular choice
This student made her own embroidery pattern 
 This is a drawing of neurons.
 This drawing went on to earn 1st place in the Kansas division of the State Fish Art Contest!
 Right across the hallway is the biology room with lots of live animals. This student photographed a salamander (I think) and then drew it.
 This student brought in her rock collection and explored with wet on wet watercolor techniques to illustrate a few.
This was an 11x14 inch stippling made with different colors of sharpie based off of a photo of soap film seen through a microscope. It took a long time but she never got in a hurry and somehow kept her patience!

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