Saturday, February 10, 2018

Documenting the Artistic Process

One of the National Arts Standards that I really like refers to documenting the artistic process. My "I Can" statement for the standard is:
VA:Cn:10.1.HS1- I can document the process of developing ideas from early stages to fully ready ideas.
I ask my intro high school students to document the process of their first theme-based assignment. After we've spent most of the 1st semester in bootcamps introducing techniques, media, and vocabulary, the students can apply what they've learned in assignments with much more choice 2nd semester.
When the students document their process from beginning to end they can reflect on all the little decisions they had to make along the way. 
The students can choose how to document their process but a favorite way is with the free app Stop Motion Studio. Most students have smart phones and this is an acceptable use of technology in my classroom. Some students take photos and put in a slides presentation or google doc, others take notes daily on their process. Either way, we emphasize that documentation is as you go rather than reflecting at the end.
Using stop motion yields short videos, usually only a few seconds long. I will post several examples below.

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