Thursday, May 16, 2019

Highland Art Day & Sidewalk Chalk Mural

Highland Community College hosts a high school art day each spring and it is an event to which I enjoy taking students. It is close to our league art competition so I usually only take a handful of students. This year we had the 3 seniors who had been for a couple of years and we chose a couple underclassmen so they could learn the ropes and be ready to continue the tradition.

Attending the art day is a good experience because it exposes the students to a big variety of artwork from schools of all sizes. The quality of the work is always impressive and it shows the students what is possible! 

While the show is being judged there are a variety of on-site competitions happening. My students' favorite is always the sidewalk chalk competition with the them of art history with a modern twist.

When brainstorming in the days leading up to the competition, one of the students joked about doing a My Little Pony parody. I told them the first horse painting that comes to mind for me is Napoleon Crossing the Alps. What started as a joke ended up being their idea!

It was starting to sprinkle toward the end so it got a bit rushed but I thought they did a nice job and it was such a fun idea!
We were also thrilled to receive 2 honorable mentions in the art show. The first year I took students was the first year that every school in attendance received an award so an honorable mention is nothing to scoff at. 

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