Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The Memory Project

I usually try to find one service project that students can help with each year. This year, thanks to a donor who helped with the cost, my advanced class participated in the Memory Project.
If you are unfamiliar with the project, the idea is that students create a portrait of a child living in extreme poverty and the portrait is sent to them as a keepsake. It's all about spreading kindness and global awareness.

We were matched with an attendance center in Colombia and sent photographs of the children. I demonstrated oil painted portrait techniques (it's kind of my thing) and the students either used oil paint or another 2D medium. The majority of my students chose oils with a few selecting colored pencil.

When the portraits were finished, we slipped them into plastic sleeves and mailed them off. The next step was just waiting to hear that the delivery had been made and then eventually we were sent a video that showed the children at their center receiving their portraits from all the participating artists.

This was a good experience for all of us. The students tackled portraits, which they usually avoid, and did a wonderful job. Plus, they were able to spread some joy and felt good about that. We will participate again in the future!

The only bad part of the project is sending them away! I printed copies on nice photo paper for our spring art shows and competitions.
Here is our group picture with the portraits we made.

And here is the video!

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