Sunday, March 3, 2019

High School Jewelry

It seems like the month of March can make for tricky lwssonnplanning. We have a full week off for spring break and one or two days off for in-service and parent teacher conferences. It is challenging to get a big project completed during that month sonoast year I broke away from a theme and did more of a bootcamp/workshop approach. I very rarely have students create jewelry but I thought they would be interested if I gave them time to explore it. 
I showed the students a slides presentation with different categories of jewelry that would be possible- wire, wire and beads, leather, aluminum, found objects. We had recently discussed jewelry as art ( so we built on that. Here is the presentation with inspiration for different techniques:

I turned one section of countertop into a buffet with all of the materials we had available. A student taught me how to use a river gun and that was pretty fun, though not utilized by the students much. The second week I introduced some sculpture prompts but almost every student wanted to continue working on jewelry. The students combined techniques, brought studs in from home, uses tools in the Ag shop to cut and grind materials, and were just super engaged. 
We ended up taking several pieces of jewelry  to our league art show And came home with a few medals, even to a couple students who would not describe themselves as artists so that was pretty fun. 
I had intended to either do jewelry or raku during March this year but we are so behind due to snow days that most students will need the time to finish their February projects. 
Here are some pictures of the jewelry we took to league last spring. Enjoy!

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