Sunday, March 3, 2019

8th Grade Collaborative Theme

At the end of the semester my 8th graders were finally ready for a choice based project so I referenced the following national standard,
VA:Pr5.1.8I can collaboratively prepare and present artwork based on a theme for display, and make exhibition narratives for the viewer,
and ashes the students to brainstorm and vote on a theme for their last project. They narrowed it down to two themes, celebrations and activities, and were pretty split so we decided they could pick either theme OR make a work of art for the Jr Duck Stamp Program.

At first instead of “activities” they said sports but we discussed how that wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and broadened it to activities.

This studwnt’s activity was drawing so she did a stop motion video of herself drawing and turned in both.

This slab built truck ended up as a demolition derby truck but started off with solid slab construction.

Unfortunately we ran out of time before break and I only have 8th grade for a semester so the big display and narratives part of the plan didn’t happen

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