Saturday, March 9, 2019

Youth Art Month

Every year March is celebrated as Youth Art Month, but you can really kick it off in November with the Youth Art Month Flag Contest. There is a theme and each state selects a Student design to be made into a flag that is displayed at the NAEA convention. This year one of my students received an honorable mention in the contest with the theme of “your art your story”. The other two designs did not place but I thought the students did a nice job. 

When it gets closer to YAM I start thinking about selecting artwork for the Kansas exhibit and because I’m a KAEA member, the Sargent Art Contest. I am able to select three, one for each age group since I teach K-12. 
My middle school entry was created by a super creative and hardworking 8th grader who I’m looking forward to having in high school art classes. She went above and beyond in the everyday objects sculpture project making an entire room complete with a hidden safe containing a bundle of tiny money behind the picture frame and a book with real pages in the tiny drawer. 

My high school entry is a colorful watercolor painting made by one of my seniors. She was a freshman my first year at the school so she’s one that’s been with me clear through high school. 

The elementary entry was made by a sweet kindergartener after we discussed American Gothic and I gave the prompt of drawing your family in front of your home. It received recognition in the Sargent Art Contest but we won’t know what place until the reception tomorrow afternoon. 

The other cool thing that will happen at the YAM awards ceremony is that another one of my seniors will receive a Harry Hart Memorial Scholarship! Two students who plan to continue their art education receive a scholarship each year and I’m so proud of and excited for my Student! Above you can see the works I submitted for the portfolio application. 

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