Saturday, March 30, 2019

Mixed Media Bootcamp

I’m a big fan of mixed Media. I think there are a lot of possibilities for expression and it frees you from having to stick to one medium. If you tho k another material to combination will work best to communicate your idea, go for it!
I decided to do a short mixed media boot camp to introduce the students to some possibilities. In just a few days we covered monoprinting, image transfers, collage, and adding stitching or embroidery. 
I was able to get a basic sewing machine through a grant from my district’s educational foundation. The freshman boys in particular really enjoyed using it. 
I have quite the collection of gelli plates. We use them with inexpensive bottles of acrylic paint and it works great. 

Packing tape is a really affordable and easy tool for image transfers. You can use magazine images or a color photocopy. Just cover the image with a layer of tape, overlapping multiple strips of the image is wider than your tape, soak the tape-covered image in water (warm is best) and after it has soaked for a bit, gently scrub away the paper from the back. Then you have a translucent image you can layer onto something else. 

Layered monoprint using leaves as masks. 

Citrasolv on laserprints is another medium for image transfers. Put your image face down on the surface to which you want to transfer it, use a cotton ball to dampen the back, and then burnish with a spoon. This works on paper, fabric, wood, etc. 

Citrasolv transfer on an old sewing pattern. 

Citrasolv transfer into negative space of a monoprint on fabric. 

Adding stitches to a monoprint/packing tape transfer study. 

Torn paper collage can yield interesting paper paintings.

I would love to hear your favorite mixed media techniques!

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