Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Everyday Object Sculptures

One of the great ideas I picked up at the 2018 KAEA conference was a challenge to make a sculpture of an everyday object out of cardboard of found materials that had a major change in scale- either making a small object really big or a big object really small (Thanks, Kaleena!) . My middle school class at the time was 8th grade and I thought it would be a great fit. The students weren’t ready for full choice and there tended to be fewer behavior issues when working 3D.

I introduced the assignment and the students were pretty pumped. I had ordered some cardboard tape and that helped us use less hot glue plus made a smoother surface that was very easy I paint. I recommend investing in a roll- it will go a long way!
The students showed enough responsibility during this assignment that we were able to end the semester with a themed assignment. I would totally give this challenge to high school students if I had more 3D atorage. It was enough to try and store 13 sculptures. I just don’t know where we would put 45 u less they all made them small instead of big.

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