Saturday, December 21, 2019

Photoshop Drawings Into Reality

If you're like me, you stop and look at EVERY picture in the collection when you see something like "Dad turns his 6-year old son's drawings into reality" pop up in your news feed. I started thinking that it could turn into an interesting assignment for my computer graphics class!
I started by asking the students to draw an animal from memory- NO LOOKING at a photograph. Next, I explained to the students that I wanted them to use Photoshop to make a picture of the real animal look like their drawing. 
Some needed to combine multiple parts of different photos to match their drawing and some were able to make changes with the liquify tool, clone stamp, or selecting and rearranging parts.
Here is my example including the (not very accurate) first drawing!
Some kept the background simple, some needed to replace it with a new photo to complete the scene.
I think this lesson will be a keeper for next year. It was fun for the students to do, they had to make appropriate choices from their arsenal of tools, and it only took a few class periods to complete.

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