Thursday, December 26, 2019

Photo Friday: Rule of Thirds

I have had students ask me about taking a photography class but my high school only offers 3 art classes. Because there is a real interest in photography, I decided to be more intentional about incorporating digital photography by starting "Photo Friday" in my Computer Graphics class. Each week Friday is reserved for photography and we've been working through understanding how to use the camera, how to make effective compositions, themes, etc. Some of the ideas have been based on photography assignments I had in the past and some have come from things the students want to learn or try out.
One of the earliest assignments we had was to focus on the Rule of Thirds. I gave a quick explanation about how the "dead center" can be kind of a boring place to put a focal point and shifting off to one of the "tic tac toe" lines or "power points" where they intersect can be more interesting. I also tell students that the rule is more of a suggestion because they can be broken intentionally to achieve an effect.
After discussing the concept, we set out around the school and campus to take pictures. I asked students to explore and to turn in 2 photos at the end of class- one portrait and one "other".
Now that I'm posting these it's obvious to me we need to work on actually turning the photos in!

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