Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Digital Found Object Faces

Here's a fun lesson I did with my Computer Graphics class at the beginning of the semester. In first semester we focused on a lot of different tools in Photoshop but for this first project of the new semester I wanted students to practice different ways of obtaining images. This time they were not allowed to use any images they found online, but instead could use the scanner and digital camera.

The full lesson plan can be read here as a Google Doc and the Slides presentation I showed to kick it off can be viewed here. You can also "keep" the lesson and resources on the smARTteacher.

We looked at illustrations made by Hanoch Piven, one of my favorite illustrators, and watched a chunk of his TEDx Jerusalem talk. We discussed composition and how the objects he chooses to make the facial features of his subjects often relate to their personality or life. Here are the requirements and suggestions given to the class:

  • Create a self portrait using found objects for facial features. Consider using objects that represent you.
  • Pay close attention to the composition- how things are arranged. Not only should the objects be composed into a face, the whole portrait should fill the space of the page so that it is interesting and eye-catching. Will you use just head and shoulders or a big head on a little body?
  • Use a combination of techniques to digitize your objects- digital camera and/or scanner
  • You may paint the background of the head and digitally place the objects on top
  • Image size should be a minimum of 8x10 inches, 300 ppi

The students seemed to really enjoy this lesson so it will be brought back again next year. I had used Piven for inspiration at the elementary level but this was my first time introducing him to high schoolers. Click here for a mixed media Piven-inspired elementary lesson and here for a fun activity tub, the Piven box.

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