Sunday, February 16, 2014

Paper Weaving: Beyond the Checkerboard Part 2

In Beyond the Checkerboard Part 1, I wrote about stacking warp strips in paper weaving to make more interesting patterns. Part 2 is all about embellishing weavings with "stamps" and collage. The most popular stamps in my classroom are the students' hands!
Students LOOOVE an excuse to get paint on their hands without getting in trouble for being messy. When it's done with permission, they are allowed to experience the cold/slimy/squishy/slippery feeling of wet paint and enjoy describing it to their classmates. I've found the fastest way to get an even coat of paint on hands is to use a brayer and just roll it on.
Some students were also attracted to some simple foam stamps that were donated to me and previously unused. Texture stamps were also available.
A few students started to add collage elements around their handprints. "Random things I like" pictures look much more finished when they are on an interesting background.
 My students now want to put handprints on everything! Ok, maybe not everything, but most want their turn after seeing the handprinted weaving projects in the hallway. I really don't mind. It doesn't get too messy, the students really enjoy it, and I know that parents will find their artwork even more special when there is a record of those special little hands that won't be little for long.

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