Sunday, March 6, 2011

2nd Grade Cityscapes

2nd grade students made cityscapes inspired by Wayne Thiebaud's painting, Apartment Hill, 1980.  (Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art)  You may never have seen this painting before.  I happened upon it when visiting the museum a couple of years ago and thought it was cool and a different subject from Thiebaud's most popular paintings.  I liked the results when I did this project last year so I kept it pretty much the same. 
Day 1: Introduce the artist, discuss the artwork (describe, analyze, interpret, judge), students draw 1-3 buildings with pencil on black construction paper to be traced with bottled glue.  Ask students to leave a "pinky-width" between shapes so the glue does turn into a big blob.

Day 2: Use construction paper crayons to color in all the shapes.

I'm a sucker for construction paper crayons on black paper and the added texture from the glue makes it more interesting.  The kids really enjoy this project too.  If a student missed the first class, I had them draw their lines in shapes with a white crayon then follow the same procedure for adding color as if the white crayon were glue.

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  1. Love the glue and construction paper crayons! They turned out great! That is great that you are playing TMBG for your students! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliments!