Saturday, March 6, 2010

The new art teacher is pretty far-out!

So this post is kind of random, I just had a few pictures I want to share.

The new art teacher is pretty far-out!
One of my 5th grade students brought this book to Art the other day.  I remember reading some of the books in this series when I was in grade school but it cracked me up!

Mauvelous- this crayon name cracks me up!  I like to say it: mauvelous, mauvelous.  I wonder what kind of credentials you need to be in charge of naming crayon colors...

This was my first experiment with using old CDs for making art.  I started off going for a monoprint.  I used slightly watered down tempera paint (all I had at school) and I slightly turned the CDs when I overlapped them to try blending the colors.  The CDs kind of stuck so I'm going to try gluing something  on the back to work as a handle.  Then I used some of the extra paint to add more rings around the CDs. I think there is potential with this idea but I'm going to try to come up with a few more.

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