Sunday, January 10, 2021

Speed Painting

I like to do a speed painting challenge with my intro high school students when we introduce painting to encourage them to mix colors, blend paint, and loosen up! This year I put together a video for the KAEA virtual fall conference to explain and demonstrate the concept.

Here are the "rules"

  • Use only primary colors + black and white
  • No pencils or drawing before painting
  • No washing your brush- blend!
  • Fill the entire page
  • Move quickly before the paint dries

4 student speed paintingsHere are some of last year's student speed paintings. I always grab a bag of ornamental gourds and sometimes some fruit for observation.

A student's hand painting a gourd
A student works on a speed painting
a painting of a gourda painting of a gourd
A student's painting on the left and one of my examples on the right. These were similar gourds but mine had green on the bottom.

a paint tray next to a painting of a butterfly
I used some deceased butterflies I found as examples in my videos but students were happy to stick with gourds for their challenge. Maybe next year advanced students can do a more challenging subject!

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