Friday, January 15, 2021

Mixed Media Non-Objective Paintings

Last summer KAEA Summer Camp went virtual due to Covid- we'd never done a virtual workshop before but it was awesome! Avery Kasper agreed to lead us in a workshop on Mixed Media Non Objective Painting. She is not only an amazing artist, she is a great teacher and already has experience teaching in an online school as well as in her brick and mortar school building. Everyone really enjoyed the process!

a screenshot of Avery Kasper teaching the workshop via zoom
Avery had us start with some drawing and mark making
before moving to painting and more drawing. We were encouraged to layer and use whatever media we wanted.

In progress- we made a smaller work on watercolor paper to warm up before moving to a larger canvas.
I had so much fun making these paintings and have made a few more since. My 2 year old promptly claimed the painting and it now hangs over his bed!

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