Friday, November 20, 2020

Black and White Raku

A couple years ago we were able to use Art Club funds to purchase a Bracker Raku kiln. We usually pull it out in the spring but that obviously didn’t happen last year! I decided to do a raku project with my advanced students this fall while everyone was in the building. Who knows what will happen and when it might happen!

I explained the raku process and that anything unglazed turns black in reduction. I challenged the students to design a project that was mainly black and white, using white crackle glaze. We brainstormed a list of black and white animals as a starting point and most students did end up making animal sculptures. 

Raku is always a fun process and it’s even fun to clean them up! This morning we pulled out the pop up photo box and snapped some nice photos so the students could take their work home. 

I’m hoping to squeeze in a quick ceramics option for my intro students in December but it’s so hard to picture what will happen after Thanksgiving break! We will see. 

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