Thursday, July 9, 2020

New Work on Redbubble

I posted back in January that I was trying out Redbubble and had posted some sticker designs.

My Happy Little Squirrel sticker has been my best seller by far!
Just a tip- Redbubble allows you to search for the artwork or the product. So if you see a design you like in a search but you're like "well that's cool but I don't need Mr.Rogers on a throw pillow" you can almost always view that same artwork on dozens of other products so you can find something that's more your speed and budget!

When I saw an announcement that they were going to be adding masks as a product option I got really inspired and started making a lot of animal face mask designs, as well as adding some other digital art that I thought would work well on a mask.
 Link to Raccoon Face Mask Link to Siamese Cat Face Mask
 Link to Cheetah Mouth Face Mask Link to Pig Mouth Face Mask
I even made a cobra face mask design based on my school's mascot at the request of one of my colleagues!
 Link to Cobra Face Mask

Yesterday I started playing around with a loose color wheel idea and then made a bunch of different designs that I thought might interest art teachers. I got those uploaded last night.
 Link to color wheel products Link to color wheel products
There are so many cool products that you can get designs printed on from stickers to clocks, shower curtains, bags, leggings, shirts, dresses, and it goes on!
Just pretend the apron is surrounded by art supplies instead of baking supplies!

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