Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Artists Answer Essential Questions

Last summer I read The Open Art Room (Purtee & Sands) and got some new ideas to bring to my classroom. I structured most of my Advanced Class based on Artist Behavior units and several of those units came pretty much right out of the book with some tweaks to best fit my students. One of the units was Artists Answer Essential Questions in which the students were asked to brainstorm a bunch of questions and then choose one to explore through their artwork.
I was really impressed with the depth of the questions the students asked and it was cool to see their planning develop. I wish I had taken more pictures of their planning because I've honestly forgotten what many of the questions were since the projects sometimes morphed as they worked.
This student was asking a question that was something like what happens when we use up the earth's resources?

The students and I enjoyed this unit and I think it will be a keeper for next year!

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