Thursday, May 24, 2018

Courbet's Realism: TAB Art History

I love art history. I really, truly do. So often art teachers fall into the trap of thinking students need to imitate an artist's style or a famous piece in order to show a connection. I've done this at times in the past, but what I most like to do is look for the BIG IDEA with the artist's work, and move forward from there.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney's online Master's program in Art Education in 2016. I really enjoyed all the coursework and how I was able to make the work I was doing in the classes fit my teaching style. When I took the art history class, my goal was to create the lessons inspired by the unit we'd covered fit in with my TAB-Choice teaching. Some previous examples I've shared were American Regionalism & Contemporary Communities and Monet & Impressionism: Drawing from Memory v. Drawing from Life, which became part of our drawing boot camp. Courbet was introduced on Art History Thursday so students had time to absorb his ideas of what is REAL and to take photos from their own lives before jumping in to a studio project the following week.

The most important idea I wanted students to get is that their own lives are worthy of representation in their artwork! You can see the full lesson plan on the smARTteacher.

We had lots of representations of pets, places that are meaningful, friends, and even favorite candies. I love the range of subject matter created!

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