Saturday, June 28, 2014

2nd Grade Choice Drawings

Here's a sample of some 2nd grade choice artwork from the end of the year. Hope it makes you smile like it does me!

This student added construction paper details to contrast the crayon.
This student worked on developing different values to make his wetland drawing more interesting.
Working on blending colors with marker.
One of my mini lessons at the end of the year was on portraiture. Several students gave it a try!

Fireworks stands have been popping up which means that my summer is half way over! I'm racing to meet the deadline for publishing artwork on Artsonia and I don't think I'm gonna make it. Choice based art turned my students into prolific artists. Next year I may not try to photograph EVERY SINGLE PIECE because it was hard to keep up with. This is just one more thing to ponder before I head back to school August 6th... 

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