Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sir Ken Robinson

Just watched this super cool animation by RSA Animate of a TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson. He speaks about the American education system- what he thinks is wrong and how he thinks we should fix it. It's really interesting to listen to and watch. Enjoy!


  1. Very interesting! I am going to be taking a course on Imaginations, Creativity and Innovation and Sir Ken's book, "Out of Our Minds" is one of the required texts and sitting on my desk here…I'm interested in reading it and seeing what he has to say. The points he presents definitely resonate with me--I have four kiddos and I've seen a steady decline in their interest in school--it makes me so sad that they don't love learning as much as I do. The day-to-day seems to be tolerated by them, but they come alive when they can do projects and express themselves (I love seeing them get fired up over their projects!). Thanks for sharing this clip. Mrs. P @