Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 Jr. Duck Stamp- 4th-6th

I'm so proud of my students' efforts in the Jr. Duck Stamp program! I think they get better every year. A "have-to" project for every student is an observational artwork of an animal in its habitat for either the Jr. Duck Stamp program or the State Fish Art contest- both programs that focus on teaching conservation of habitat through art. This year the students also had the option of choosing a wetland animal for the Kansas Critters Wet 'n Wild book contest.
The artwork at the top received an Honorable Mention in the 4th-6th grade age group. That student, along with a few others, were extra dedicated and would come in early in the morning or during recess to put in extra work on their projects.
The first year I taught this program, all students used colored pencils. I always chose colored pencils for my entries in this program because I felt like I could blend colors well but have more control than with a paintbrush. That was back when I was fresh out of college having been taught to write objectives with "ABCD"- Audience, Behavior, Condition, Degree. Ex: The students will create a 9x12 inch colored pencil drawing of a migratory waterfowl in its natural habitat, focusing on anatomical accuracy, in three 40-minute class periods. That left little room for choice so each year I've allowed more. Now the students can choose contest, the species within the contest, the materials, and the technique.
 Here are some more examples:

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  1. I am so impressed by your students work! I also try to teach conservation through arts. I also love the way you are giving your students more choice as the years pass. It's amazing all the things we learn outside of college. The first picture was beautiful. Great job!