Sunday, June 1, 2014

2014 Junior Duck Stamp- Primary

Another great year with the Jr. Duck Stamp program! I've written about the program before, and my experience as Junior Duck Stamp Ambassador. I love this program and think it has a great goal of teaching kids about conservation of wetland habitats through their artmaking. Every student completed a project for JDS, the State Fish Art Contest, or a book contest with similar criteria. Actually deciding whether or not to enter the artwork in the contest was up to the student. This was our most successful year to date in the contest with 6 Honorable Mentions at PC and 1 Honorable Mention at PS. I'm so proud of my students' efforts and especially of those that tried new things. 
This student tried a new technique by using oil pastels to draw the shape of the feathers and watercolors for the rest. The resist works really well. Often students can't figure out how to differentiate between the edges of the feather shapes while still coloring them in. This will probably be a demonstration next year. This Canada Goose was one of our HM winners.
These two were both drawn by 1st graders.
 The 4 above were 2nd grade projects.
 This student used her new knowledge of wood ducks' nesting habitats to inform her background.
This student was brave enough to add the reflection, which is intimidating to a lot of kids.
 Two more HM winners.
 Another HM winner. We had to do some research to find out what color the duck's legs are since in the reference photo it was swimming.
 Lots of good Hooded Mergansers this year!
Great texture in this HM winning painting!

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