Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4th-6th Grade Choice Paintings

I'm starting to see some really cool ideas and deep thinking in my intermediate students' paintings. Some are doing simple paintings, but wow, some are really pushing themselves. The first painting in this post really impressed me. I need to find her artist statement and read how she came up with the idea. Obviously the reflection in the tear drop shows why the girl is crying. The student worked really hard on getting her skin and nose painted correctly. I also really love her composition. It's nice to see something zoomed in when it's usually so hard to get students to fill the space. Just ignore the anatomical error of the tear coming out of the iris instead of the tear duct. :)
I'll admit it. When I walked by and caught a glimpse of the painting above, and the student who was painting it, I thought he was just being sloppy. I didn't say anything and instead decided to wait and see what happened. I came back by later and totally changed my perception of the artwork. Look at the energy! I think the colors and the way in which they were applied really match the subject of the painting- someone jumping to shoot a basketball.
An experiment in mixing colors. 
Oil Pastel wax resist is a fun technique. I really like the expressive lines.

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