Sunday, March 30, 2014

4th-6th Grade Choice Collage

Collage hasn't been my most popular studio with the intermediate kids. I think it's because when I introduced the choice, most of the students were already involved with other projects. Now I'm going back and talking about more collage options because we're at a point in the year when students need to try it out if they haven't already. Here are some of my favorite collage pieces from 1st semester.

This started off as a painting that was a bit plain. I showed the student Jasper Johns' flag and he decided to add collage elements.
I find that the older students need some of the same collage reminders as the younger students- like to actually make something new instead of just cutting and gluing a picture they already like. The collage above started as just a figure cut out of a magazine. I like how she went back and added crazy big hair.
I am so excited to see the conclusion of this giraffe collage! The 6th grade student started it totally independently and brought the pieces in the photo to class. What a fun idea!
 Some students have been doing quick experiments with painted paper scraps. I never throw away painted papers!
I wish this one had more of a background but I like how she used many different papers for the petals on the flower. I hope to have more collages to share later this semester!

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