Thursday, April 3, 2014

4th-6th grade Choice Drawings

The drawing center was the first choice to open up last fall. 

I have a box of old computer paper that I mentioned might be good if someone needed to plan or practice an idea before starting on good paper. I was trying to solve the problem of students "messing up" and wanting to throw their paper away. I wish I hadn't ever uttered the word "practice" because it caused a new issue. Now I have students who want to make a finished piece on the old, thin computer paper and then make the exact same piece again "for real". If we had art more than 80 minutes a month I wouldn't be so concerned! I've just asked the practicers to mount it on construction paper instead of starting over.
I'm really enjoying the artist statements this year. The students don't seem to mind and some even write more than is required.
Julia3827 says this about his/her art...
I drew it because it reminds me of my sister because she eats peppers a lot. Halloween made me think of the pumpkin. I made my peppers to small. I solved it by making it bigger with the red colored pencil. This time I did shading and I didn't before.

Chandler1019 says this about his/her art...
I came up with the idea of a man with super strong powers off a tv show. I shaded parts of his clothes and body. I had trouble with the aura (the yellow glowy stuff). I want everyone to notice the shading, the colors, the eyes, and the neck.
This student used a mannequin to figure out the pose for his drawing.
Portraits don't seem to be as popular at the intermediate level as they are at the primary level.
Interesting composition!

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