Saturday, March 22, 2014

K-3 Choice Drawing- Animals

My students are always interested in drawing animals. I had that in mind when I stocked my "inspiration station". In addition to the animal encyclopedia set I was given when they were discarded from the library, I picked up several plastic animals at the Dollar Tree to be used as models.

 I also added some penguins that were mine when I was little. Unfortunately the penguins were stolen! I was very disappointed and said that I would be happy if they just showed up outside my door one day, but nobody returned them. One little guy still asks me almost every week if I ever found them!

Giant rabbit or a tiny carrot. I'm not sure. I am sure that I was very excited with the composition! It can be such a struggle to get students to fill the space of their paper.
A Kindergarten zebra and a 3rd grade dinosaur.
Colorful fish.
The lizards have been very popular, though I have to keep remind some students to observe them, not try to trace them.
 This drawing came a long way from the time this first grade student first told me she was finished. I encouraged her to add more value in the grass and to make the ladybugs more solid. She also went back and blended in other greens to make it more interesting. I always with that I would have remembered to take a before picture to show the students how far they've come! 
This 3rd grader worked on his bug drawing for several weeks, adding more variety each class. Here's the artist statement: Bugs are cool they have all kinds of cool life skills. They have different defense methods too.
 Science and writing in the art room!

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