Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Drawing Interests

I love finding out more about my students' interests through their drawings. The drawings in this post are from 1st-3rd grade.
 This student would draw comic book characters every class if he could.
 Favorite sports and book/movie characters.
This drawing was made for the student's dad. It's supposed to be a setting from a tv show, maybe the Walking Dead... can't remember except that he said there are zombies in the show but he didn't think that would be good to draw at school. Good judgment, kid.
 This is one of those drawings where it seems sloppy at first glance. But when I talked to the student, he was trying to make it look like a tattered flag on a pirate ship in the wind. Now the out of the line coloring make sense!
And where would we be without Minecraft? Are your students as crazy about it as mine are?

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