Friday, April 27, 2012

2nd Grade Cats in Hats

2nd grade students made Cats in Hats. No, not that Cat in the Hat, but inspired by him. For a fun one-class period project near Dr.Seuss' birthday, I pulled out some calendar and magazine pictures of cats for the students to choose from. They carefully trimmed their cats using good craftsmanship (<---one of my favorite words) then used scrap papers and construction paper crayons to complete the scene. 
Before beginning, we brainstormed different kinds of hats and reasons people wear hats.
  • They like how it looks (fashion)
  • Part of a uniform (sports, military, crown, etc.)
  • Support a cause/show interest (their favorite team, organizations, political campaigns)
  • For protection (from the sun, helmets)
  • To celebrate (party hats!)
The students could pick any kind of hat or reason they wanted their cat to wear it. They could use regular construction paper scraps or papers left from the 1st graders' balloon project

Detective Cat
Christmas cats
Cat the cowboy
There was some big story here about a party with fireworks.
Scuba/submarine cat

I saw this pin 24 weeks ago according to Pinterest and made a note to myself 
"I love this idea for Dr.Seuss's birthday- draw a DIFFERENT cat in a hat!"
I may do this again next year with 2 class periods and paint. The students had lots of fun and I was cracking up at their artwork. There were some pretty creative cats in hats!


  1. You had me with Cats in Hats, Katie! These are way too cute!

  2. As a cat lover I am in LOVE with this idea!!

  3. These are hilarious! Like a version of elementary lolcats( Too cute!

  4. I love this lesson! I think I will use it as a one day end of the year project for my first and second grade classes.

  5. I love the post and the pic, the hat on the cat is cute.