Friday, April 27, 2012

3rd Grade Seuss Architecture

An "extra" class period when my schedule was off a bit back in March was spent working on Dr.Seuss-inspired architecture. We talked about how Dr.Seuss was an artist as well as an author. We looked at buildings from Dr.Seuss' illustrations and brainstormed a list of common features (organic shapes, stairs, towers, signs, unusual colors) then I gave a super simple introduction to perspective. I knew that most students wouldn't be able to complete a drawing in just one 40-minute class period so I told them it was just to practice. The students were very excited about this and about half finished their drawings at home and brought them back to show me. They're not perfect, but I was proud of what they learned in one session.
I photocopied buildings from book pages and also pulled up Seussville for more examples.

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