Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Easy Sub Plan- Bold Lines

I needed an easy sub plan a few weeks ago and I was reminded of a lesson I saved as a Favorite on Artsonia. I'm sure lots of you have seen this lesson before, I recently saw it on the Kids Artists blog.
If you are on Artsonia, the lesson was posted by Linda Welling from Cedar Creek Elementary School. The lesson id is 2665.

The basic idea is for the students to draw a bold, interesting line in marker then "echo" it with different colors. Next, the negative space is filled in with line and shape designs.

This lesson was done with 4th and 6th grade classes in one 40-minute class period. Judging from the results I found when I got back to school, it was enough time for most students on 9x12 inch paper. I left the same sub plan last week but apparently forgot to specify the paper size. (40 minutes is NOT enough time for 12x18 inch paper!)

It looks like the students enjoyed the project and some of them definitely took the idea and made it their own!

This student figured out that writing in cursive makes one line. By the way, it cracks me up that students in Kansas make things about surfing!

 Several students filled in all the negative space with color but still made some cool patterns. I like what she did in the lower left corner.
 Getting geometric...
These two were pretty straight forward and very cautious. It shows the personality of these two students!
And a few students drew pictures of objects instead of lines and shapes. Objects like hotdogs. :)

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