Wednesday, December 7, 2011

African Art Bulletin Board

I really enjoy making bulletin boards- here is the display I created at my 4th-6th grade school to show everyone outside the Art room what the students had been learning about inside the Art room. The background is painted directly on the bulletin board so I don't have to mess with butcher paper unless I really feel like it. I wish I had time to make my own borders every time! This time I cut construction paper into strips that had a consistent width but were different lengths. I just dry brushed an analogous color to add interest then arranged and glued onto black paper which I laminated.

I designed project descriptions with some of the reference images and resources for each project. Copies of these also went to the district Art show so viewers could understand the significance. I added QR Codes in case some iPhone toting parent stopped to look but I just checked and found that nobody has scanned them. I will keep adding QR codes to things just in case, and because they are just fun! I also have a QR code outside each of my classrooms directing people to our Artsonia galleries.

Letters cut from painted paper
Map of Africa with yarn connecting the project to the location of the culture 

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