Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kansas Artists Bulletin Board

Kansas recently celebrated 150 years of statehood!  I need to finish photographing the Kansas Birthday Cake lesson I had planned and left with my sub during my maternity leave.  The cakes turned out awesome!  I had started planning a Kansas Artists bulletin board back in November and was planning to get all the materials ready before my leave but Turner showed up a couple of weeks early.  Anyway, I got everything finished my first week back so it was up just in time for Kansas Day on January 29th.  I have really enjoyed being in charge of the bulletin board, I'm glad I asked my principal for it!  Some of the classes end up waiting in the hallway near it to go to lunch and I've seen several teachers referencing the print and using it to review Kansas history.  My next bulletin board will be for Youth Art Month!
Man, I really need to paint that frame!

John Steuart Curry, Tornado Over Kansas


  1. Hi, Katie......I love your bulletin board ideas. I linked to your blog again from my bulletin board blog. I hope you don't mind. jan