Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yeah! It "stuck"!

I have 6 student tables in my 4-6th classroom, which is much more decorated now then when I took this photo,

and each table is labeled wit a color.  Of course I arranged them in the proper order.  Today at the end of class one of my 5th grade students came up to me and said,
"I just realized, the tables on this side of the room (gestures to her left) are warm colors and the tables on the other side of the room (gestures to her right) are cool colors!"


We spent a LOT of time last year talking about color theory.

Also, I can't remember the last time a student called me by the previous art teacher's name!  SCORE!


  1. It is so nice when they finally start putting it all together!!!

  2. Ah, that must feel so great!

    In my first as an art teacher I had to stop my pupils from doing their math assignments during art-class... (Really, the other teacher let them do their other assignments during art-class!)
    When I left (I was a sub there for 3 months) they children came to me and said :'thanks, we really learned a lot about art from you and we are going to miss you.'
    What a huge difference from the beginning when they said: 'The other teacher let us do this, the other teacher let us do that, ...'.

    Congrats on making it stuck :)

  3. I have the tables with seats attached so even the seats are labeled with shapes, so each student has a seat code, red rain drop, blue bug, etc. I used numbers before but kindergarteners all wanted their age. LOL I also color code their folders so i just put the folders on right color and they sort it out, I try to have them hand them in in piles so I just hand out 4 piles, it is so much easier.

    For the warm and cool colors plus neutrals I use 3 copy boxes for the paper scraps and they go to warm, cool and neutrals, it has helped with congestion at the scrap box. I love your blog!