Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Sunflower Mural at Holton Municipal Pool

This summer I had the opportunity to design and paint a mural at Holton Municipal Pool. Part of the plan was for this to be a community art project, so after I had painted some outlines, community members were invited to come participate in painting! The turnout was better than I ever expected with approximately 50 community members, many of them families with young children, coming out to help in just a few hours. 
I went back to finish the painting over the next couple of weeks and was thankful for the help of some friends and family to get the big areas filled in. This is definitely the largest mural I’ve done to date!
Here are some drone photos that my brother took to get a better view of the painting. The octagon was the baby pool years and years ago, which had been filled in with cement. Now the edge of the former pool makes a pretty nice frame for the painting!

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