Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Veterans Day Mixed Media Poppies

Here is an assignment my 8th graders worked on for Veterans Day. They ended up working on this while I was teaching remotely with one of my kids in quarantine so I was glad I had created the slides presentation and made a video to demonstrate the steps of the service art project. The students learned about the history of Veterans Day before creating mixed media poppies to present to a veteran that they know or one in our community. 

To make the poppies, students chose a small piece of matboard as a base and drew a stem with colored pencils. They tore red tissue paper into petal shapes and glued those down before adding a black button in the center. I think this could be done with a wide range of ages. It took my 8th graders about two class periods since we took the time to watch videos and participate in the discussions.

Next, the students used Canva to create graphics to share something they learned.

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