Friday, June 19, 2020

Things Organized Neatly- Self Portrait in Objects

Next up in art challenges that don't require art supplies, Things Organized Neatly- Self Portrait in Objects! I came across #ThingsOrganizedNeatly last year and used it as a challenge for Photo Friday last fall, but then my KAEA friend, Nicky Bowers gave me an idea to add the self-portrait element after she had her students arrange and photograph at 15 objects that represented them.
While some students didn't understand the concept of composition and kind of just threw the items in a pile, some understood and did a good job. I think if we happen to be online next year, I will probably give a handful of choices instead of ALL THE CHOICES at once so we can go over the concepts behind each one.

Some of the high school students included a list of objects and the reasoning for including them and that was interesting to read!

This post includes work from middle and high school students. I think it worked well with both age groups.

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