Thursday, April 2, 2020

Inner Voice

I follow the Art Prof and each month they post an Art Dare. The Art Dare is a technique or an idea that they are asking people to engage with and then share their work on social media. I especially liked the February Art Dare theme of "Inner Voice". It seemed perfect for my 7th graders first idea based assignment. I was hoping to challenge them to make art about an idea, and understand that art doesn't have to be just a pretty picture. The theme also worked well to tie in some social emotional learning.
We started with a slides presentation looking at different styles of art work that were focused on inner voice/what's on your mind/mental health and then the students did some journaling about THEIR inner voice, and both positive and negative things that were on their minds.

The next step was to brainstorm a plan. I gave a starting point of a silhouette style self-portrait to SHOW what's on your mind for students who needed a little more direction and let those who had their own idea go for it!
I was so proud of the students. Several were BRAVE. It's not easy to be vulnerable, especially in middle school, but several took a leap of faith and showed some vulnerability in the thoughts they shared.

I was so pumped that my 7th graders' Inner Voice projects were reviewed in the Art Prof February Art Dare recap! Our clip is here:

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We also got an Honorable Mention!
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