Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Photo Friday: Halloween

Hiawatha, KS is a small town that's not too far from my school. They are best known for their annual Halloween Frolic. 
"Founded in 1914, Hiawatha Halloween Frolic is considered to be the Oldest, Continuous Halloween Frolic in the USA."
They hosted a "Horror" Halloween Photography Contest and my students were excited for that Photo Friday challenge. They used simple props- a dollar tree skeleton, a paper mâché Van Gogh head I made several years ago, and some face paint. We were lucky to have a corn field across the road from our elementary school and got permission from the farmers to shoot in the field. The students used the free app SnapSeed for some editing to give the photos the feel they wanted.

None of us placed in the contest. The winning photos were very well done, and a lot creepier than ours! We still had fun and will watch to see if they do another contest next year.

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