Saturday, October 19, 2019

2nd grade Chagall-Inspired Circus Art

My elementary school chooses a theme each year and this year the theme is Circus! Making art with a common theme or medium is a good way to kick off the school year while still giving students choices. We looked at the art of Marc Chagall who did a whole series of circus paintings. (Read about that here: The students also brainstormed a bunch of different things you might see in the circus before beginning to work.
This poster helped show the students examples of Chagall's circus paintings and joined their artwork  when we put up the display in the hallway.
The students drew directly onto 9x12 inch drawing paper using oil pastels in the first class. I demonstrated by drawing and thinking out loud as I drew, even making a "mistake" so the students could see how I turned it into a happy accident. I talked about adding details and showed how to create textures by rubbing the oil pastel.
In the second class period the students had the option to add watercolor to create a resist effect. Most were excited to try it but some chose to keep their drawings as drawings.
I'll be sharing more circus lessons soon!

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