Friday, August 25, 2017

Collaborative Color Wheel

I wanted to start off the year with some low pressure collaborative activities in my high school classes. One of the activities was a refresher or introduction to the color wheel. I went over the basic primary and secondary colors and told them that intermediate colors go in between. 
Students working on organizing colors on the collaborative color wheel.
I asked the students to cut swatches of color from magazines to organize onto a color wheel. I had a big circle cut out of mat board for the base which was donated last year but you could use cardboard, poster board, or any big piece of paper.
After the students had cut some swatches to start with we talked about organizing colors. I suggested they put the "true" colors in the middle of each wedge and the colors veering toward intermediates closer to the other combining color. The students decided to put the lighter values in the middle and the shades toward the outside.
Finished color wheel.
Positive take-aways were students analyzing the colors and starting to understand the variety that is out there beyond basic colors. Hopefully when we get to our painting boot camp next month and mix colors they will remember and be inspired. Plus, we now have a big, custom color wheel for reference! 
The students also had time to start some smaller value scales, which are pretty fun. I'm looking forward to getting them put up in the classroom.


  1. How cool! My class is also working on a collaborative color wheel and I was so surprised by their observations. I love starting the year with color!

  2. Very cool- I love it and so do the kids.

  3. Hi Katie, do you think Kindergarten could handle this? I was trying to think of something low-stress for the first class and I thought we could all sit on the carpet and work on it.....

    1. Yes, I think they could handle it. Obviously at the beginning of the year some might struggle with scissors but you could honestly just tear the paper. The color wheel shown in this post was made by elementary students at my last school.