Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Guest Artist: Kegan Meister

I'm a firm believer in being real with my students and admitting my weaknesses. I'm honest with my students that wheel throwing is not my strength. I didn't do it much in high school and had maybe half a semester on the wheel at ESU. I finally learned to throw during my 2nd student teaching placement- and then taught K-6 for 6 years so I've had to relearn. With lots of practice over the last year and a half, I'm feeling more confident and have improved quite a bit, butttt, my skills are not nearly as advanced as a family friend who is majoring in ceramics and thinking about becoming an art teacher. Kegan sent me a message last August to ask if it would be ok to demonstrate throwing for my classes before his semester started up again. I said absolutely and rearranged the schedule to fit him in. Kegan spent most of the day at school demonstrating which I hope was as good an experience for him as it was for the students and me. 

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