Thursday, June 9, 2016

Computer Graphics Gelli Stencils

One of the 12 Days of Photoshop challenges in my Computer Graphics Class first semester was to use Photoshop to create a stencil or a mask for use in gelli printing. I have a class set of student gelli plates that are 5x5 inches and brought mine from home in several different sizes.
Most students found they could do this without using photoshop so they just printed their designs and used a blade to cut out the space they didn't want.
The volleyball at the top was created with a mask and a stencil. The student used a mask to block out the circle and a stencil to create the lines on the volleyball.

I really like the painterly look of the Google monoprint.

The love the bird print. The circles in the background are the ghost print of a stencil. She placed the bird mask over the plate to pull this print.

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