Saturday, December 27, 2014

CYOA India Wrap Up

I have some random photos of student work that didn't fit into other posts hat I really want to show you, so here's the wrap up of students' choice based Indian culture projects.
The peacock print above turned out really cool. We liked the three colors together so decided to mount them on a large piece of black construction paper.
One of the starting points was Indian "miniature" paintings. Miniature paintings, as the name implies, were small scale. They sometimes depicted scenes of royal life or told stories. This reminded some students of fairy tales, which according to some claims originated in India. This 4th grader wanted to make a drawing of a princess that looked like she belonged in a fairy tale.
This drawing was inspired by the patterns of mehndi and Warli tribal art.
One of my 5th grade boys wanted to draw a Bengal Tiger but add patterns. He really explored what he could do with oil pastels and mixed in colored pencils for some the patterns. Though some students were reminded of King Tut's mask and thought it looked more Egyptian than Indian, we were all pleased with the result.
One of my 6th graders who works very methodically spent many class periods on this project. I knew his work habits so suggested that he draw half of the Taj Mahal as I offered to show him how to transfer the drawing to the other half of the paper. I was so glad that he got something completed!

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