Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tempera Paintings

Still trying to wrap up writing about last year's artwork. It takes longer with choice art if you want to have some sort of theme. Besides clay, liquid tempera is probably my students' overall favorite. I think they feel more like their idea of "real" artists when using liquid paint. The paintings in this post were by last year's 5th graders and there are things I really like about each of them.
I love the simplicity and colors in this landscape. It really reminds me of the flint hills and was painted from the student's memory. The student was pretty proud of mixing the colors in his sky. I think this landscape showed a mature sense of restraint!
This student painted her catfish during our "art of conservation" unit for the State Fish Art Contest, but didn't end up entering it. I like the composition, the color mixing, and the realistic looking aquatic plants.
1. The sky comes ALL THE WAY down to the ground. This is an accomplishment, people!
2. The clouds look fluffy.
3. White highlights on the petals instead of black outlines.

This is getting me so excited to move on to more choice this year. So far we've been working on projects for our Cultural Heritage focus of India. The "India" projects are wrapping up and the painting center will be open soon.

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  1. I love all three of the paintings. I think the third one is my favorite!